BIDA is an organization whose primary goal is to create a more cohesive  and successful dance  community in Baltimore by increasing audience awareness of upcoming dance activity. Through this organization independent dance artists in Baltimore will support and push each other to grow as artists.



We are going to increase visibility by creating a shared marketing platform and reciprocal relationship with the press. We will provide the press with dance literacy resources and in turn we hope to increase the number of reviews and coverage of the vibrant Baltimore dance community.



We need to hold each other accountable with the understanding that this community will only be as strong as the relationships between us. We will provide each other, as artists, feedback and opportunities for critical dialogue while each artist is in the development process in order to elevate the quality of our work.

All of the roles in the organization are volunteer and flexible. The organization as a whole is malleable according to the shifting needs of the community.



BIDA will offer umbrella marketing, informal gatherings, an artist resource list, workshops for artists and writing about dance, as well as a curated season of divergent performances intended to highlight the breadth and professionalism of movement based art in our city. We hope to expand our offerings to include season passes for patrons, communal and portable sprung flooring options, and professional documentation.


The Season

There will be an open submission period that will take place annually. There is a $25 submission fee. The submission fees cover BIDA's internal costs, which include hosting the website and production of marketing materials. All shows are artist-produced. Artists are responsible for finding their own venue and all aspects of production; designers, techs, venue, and rehearsal spaces will remain fully in the artist’s control. BIDA will market the season.

To be eligible for season submission, you must be a Baltimore-based artist producing work in Baltimore City. Submissions must be for concepts of a full evening of your own work. The evening may contain one evening length work or a collection of shorter pieces. BIDA is open to all styles of dance & movement. BIDA is looking for high-quality work which is staged in a variety of performance venues ranging from proscenium stages to site specific work to house shows. Artists will be chosen based on quality of work and with the intention to create a diverse, exciting, and interesting season.